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            英語(一)試題 課程代碼:00012

            1. 請考生按規定用筆將所有試題的答案涂、寫在答題紙上。

            2. 答題前,考生務必將自己的姓名、準考證號用黑色字跡的簽字筆或鋼筆填寫在答題紙規定的位置上。





            下面的短文后列出了10個句子,請根據短文的內容對每個句子作出判斷:如果 該句提供的是正確信息,選擇 A; 如果該句提供的是錯誤信息,選擇 B; 如果該句的 信息文中沒有提及,選擇 C。在答題紙相應位置上將答案選項涂黑。

            Bike Hire Project

            Reading is a large town in the county of Berkshire,England.Founded in the eighth century,it was an important town in the Middle Ages.Today,Reading has become a

            commercial center.

            The town now has launched a bike hire project.Two hundred bikes are available (可用的) for use at 29 stations throughout the town.These include Reading Station and the key

            locations in the town center.

            The project is operated on a membership basis.However,both members and non-members can hire bikes at one station and return them at any one of the stations.The

            project allows for one-way journeys between the town center and other points in Reading.

            For members,the use of bikes is free for the first half hour.Then it costs fl an hour after that,with a maximum fee of f4.Membership costs f50 a year.For people who do not want to be members,they can hire a bike for occasional use by registering online.The rate for non-members is the same as that for members.But they do not get the first 30 minutes

            free and the maximum charge is f7.

            To rent a bike,users tap in their membership number and personal identification(身份) number.Once the bike is chosen,a light on top of the selected dock (車位)will begin to flash. This means the bike is ready to use.To return a bike,the user only has to put it into any empty dock at any station.

            1.Reading is a large town founded in the eighth century.

            A.True B.False C.Not Given

            2.There is no bike station outside the town center of Reading.

            A.True B.False C.Not Given

            3.Reading is the first town to launch a bike hire project in England.

            A.True B.False C.Not Given

            4.Both members and non-members can hire the bikes in Reading.

            A.True B.False C.Not Given

            5.Most people in Reading are members of the bike hire project.

            A.True B.False C.Not Given

            6.The first thirty minutes is free of charge for all users.

            A.True B.False C.Not Given

            7.Non-members need to register online to use the bikes.

            A.True B.False C.Not Given

            8.The maximum charge for non-members is the same as that for members.

            A.True B.False C.Not Given

            9.Flashing of a dock light means the selected bike is ready to use.

            A.True B.False C.Not Given

            10.To return a bike,users have to tap in their personal identification number.

            A.True B.False C.Not Given


            閱讀下面短文,請從短文后所給各題的4個選項 (A 、B 、C 、D) 中選出1個最佳 選項,并在答題紙相應位置上將該項涂黑。

            Coffee in the Workplace

            It doesn't matter whether you drink coffee or not.In the workplace,coffee is the new lunch.Coffee doesn't mean a drink.It means a short meeting outside of office.It could be social,it could be networking,and it could be all about business;but it means "not too long".

            Or,it could mean"I don't like you enough in that way"to have lunch.

            Not long ago,dinner was too much time and energy to risk spending with someone you didn't know well.All the dating sites proved that dinner was just too much.Now,it's lunch's turn.The alternative (替代品)? Coffee.

            When people invite you to a"coffee",it means they will spend some time with you and they will probably help you—but not that much.However,the benefits to the new culture of coffee are many.There is often nowhere to sit in coffee places,so meetings tend to be short. Coffee does not make you fat,if you don't order a 1000 calorie(卡路里)coffee drink every

            time.Coffee is cheap,relatively speaking,so there is no worry over the check.

            In our drive for getting more work done in a short time,lunch is being replaced with coffee.Lunch is now arranged for true friends and making deals.In some places,a nice business lunch has become a luxury(奢侈).And there are lots of business lunches where

            everyone is on his or her phone anyway.That can be done over a coffee.

            Going for a coffee is here to stay.So the next time someone asks you to have a coffee—GO.It's not that much of a concern for either side.And,although it's time-saving,

            “coffee”could be the first step to something much bigger.

            11.In the workplace,coffee

            A.makes people relaxed B.means a short meeting

            C.serves as a drink D.shows your love for someone

            12.Having dinner with someone you do not know well is not

            A.worthwhile B.risky C.romantic D.cheap

            13.Paragraph 3 mainly talks about

            A.the price of coffee B.places to have coffee

            C.benefits of the new coffee culture D.the effect of coffee on health

            14.Coffee is taking the place of lunch because coffee

            A.helps to make business deals B.involves phone conversations

            C.is arranged for true friends D.tends to take up less time

            15.The main purpose of this passage is to introduce

            A.a new drink in the workplace B.a new type of coffee drink

            C.the social function of coffee D.different coffee places


            閱讀下面短文,請完成短文后的2項測試任務:(1)從第16~20題后所給的6個 選項中為第①~6段每段選擇1個正確的小標題;(2)從第21~25題后所給的6個選 項中選擇5個正確選項,分別完成每個句子。在答題紙相應位置上將答案選項涂黑。

            City Life in the Early 1900s

           ?、?In the 1890s,electric streetcars had replaced horse-drawn vehicles,and they ran above or

            below ground to avoid the crowded streets.After Henry Ford introduced his Model T car in

            1908,people soon had to avoid getting hit by various kinds of vehicles.

            2 Many city people lived in apartment buildings then.Their buildings were four to six stories (層)high,with four apartments on each floor,and held two or three families in each

            apartment.And people just threw their garbage in the street.But laws were passed to stop it

            later on

            8 At that time,the newest invention in construction was the skyscraper(摩天大樓). Advances in technology allowed people to build the Woolworth Building in 1913.It was the

            world's tallest building then.

           ?、?On the streets,one might pass all sorts of newcomers (新來的人)to the city.Actually, more people lived in urban areas than rural ones for the first time in American history. Millions of immigrants poured into the cities,trying to get jobs and make a better life.The political leaders helped them out with jobs and food when they could.

            6 The labor shortage after 1914 also brought millions of blacks to the cities.There they faced a lot of discrimination.They lived in neglected and overcrowded sections like Harlem in New York City.The white middle-class used to live in those places before they moved to

            the suburbs.The blacks still did not have much political power,but it was beginning to grow.




            Attitude Is Everything

            People want to achieve their greatest potentials.One of the most important steps they can

            take is to learn to monitor their attitudes.

            I generally start my workshops by asking this question:What attitude have you brought to this meeting?This often brings puzzled looks.People know if they are hungry or if their feet hurt. 26 Actually,attitude is everything.It governs the way you see the world and

            the way the world sees you.

            27 _We can choose self-encouragement and self-motivation,or self-defeat and self-pity.It is a power we all have.Each of us encounters (遭遇)hard times.The key is to

            realize it is not what happens that matters;it is how we choose to respond.

            Our minds are computers that can be programmed.Our inner dialogue is the software

            that programs our attitudes.- 28 We have control over the programming.

            The loudest voice we hear is our inner voice.It can work for or against us. 29 It can wear us down or cheer us on.We need to take responsibility for and exercise control over

            our inner conversation.

            Bad attitudes are usually the result of negative emotional experience. 30 It takes efforts to examine the roots of a harmful attitude,but the rewards can last a lifetime.




            My Father the Traveler

            My dad loves to travel.When I was young,my dad 31 a trip to Portugal.My mom and dad had a wonderful 32 in Europe.It was their first trip abroad.My parents 33 in love with traveling,and began taking many vacations.They 34 enjoyed

            island sights

            When my mom passed away 35 at the age of 51,everyone 36 about my dad. What would he do without her?My parents had been high school sweethearts.My

            dad 37 us all by continuing to explore the world.

            It is 38 to keep track of which continent my dad is in,let alone which country!One day,I hope my dad sits down for _ 39 enough to write about his 40 .I am sure he has

            great stories that I have never heard!






            The Dog Pearl

            In early 2008,the life of Pearl went terribly (terrible)wrong.That was because she found herself homeless in an animal shelter.She became very 41 (happy).But soon after,her life improved 42 (great)when volunteers from the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation rescued her.They gave her _ 43 (train) to be a search dog.In July 2008, she was matched up with her 44_ (own) ,Ron Horetski.In January 2010 their 45

            (relation) proved to be a life-saving one.

            That month,a major earthquake struck Haiti.Ron and Pearl 46_(join)hundreds of others in an effort to rescue survivors(幸存者)of the disaster.- 47 (Work)very hard,

            Pearl succeeded in rescuing twelve _ 48 _ (child)!

            Today,Pearl 49 (continue) in her search and rescue efforts.She gives each person

            she finds the gift of a saved life,just as it was 50 _(give)to her.


            請根據所提供材料中的要求完成一篇80詞左右的英文寫作任務。將你的答案寫在 答題紙相應的位置上。




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