1st Root Chakra – balanced, imbalanced & tips to balance

1st Root Chakra – balanced, imbalanced & tips to balance

Introduction to the Root Chakra:

Root Chakra is the first chakra out of seven essential chakras inside the body. In Sanskrit, the Root Chakra is called Muladhara Chakra. It is the main centre where the entire energy gets produced and escalates upwards to energize the other chakras.

Where is it located?

Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine. Yogis explained this Chakra as a lotus with four petals.

Nature of Root Chakra

Its nature is very much explained by its name itself. The Root is the base chakra. It is associated with our basic needs which are anyhow required for surviving in the world. In the wake of collecting basic necessities, such as food, money, sleep, house, and paraphernalia, etc., the Guna of this chakra becomes Tamas. Our sense of smell is governed by this chakra only.

Being the first/base chakra, it connects us to our tribal family and mother earth.

Furthermore, the element of the root chakra is the Earth which means this Chakra keeps us grounded despite the situation.

When Root Chakra is Balanced –

  • Your basic needs are easily met.
  • You believe in hard work, rather than borrowing money.
  • You feel like there is a support on your back in life.
  • You can easily earn money and fulfil your worldly desires.
  • You enjoy harmonious relationships with others.
  • Your career & friendships are stable.

When Root Chakra is Imbalanced –

  • Regular constipation, lower back pain, is the direct indication of blocked Root Chakra.
  • When basic needs such as money, food, & shelter, etc. are unmet, your Root Chakra is imbalanced.
  • Instability in career, finance, life and relationships means the root chakra is imbalanced.
  • You begin to eat irregularly.
  • Even a small tension could worry you a lot.
  • You remain under fear of some sort.
  • Worrying and thinking about the future, you don’t live the present fully.
  • Taking debts and inability to repay them indicated the root chakra is imbalanced.
  • You remain depressed & exhausted.
  • You fall sick rather easily.

Tips to Balance the Root Chakra:

  • Chant Mantra “Lam”.
  • Use colour red such as in clothing, accessories, home décor & food, etc.
  • You can keep a red-coloured hanky or cloth with you.
  • Applying red Tilak can also prove helpful.
  • Have green vegetables.
  • Try to connect yourself to the mother earth and nature.
  • Perform Yoga Asnas such as Padmasna, Sirsansana, & Malasna.
  • Aromas like sandalwood, ginger, cloves, rosemary, cedar and soil smell, etc. can help to activate the root chakra.