2nd Sacral Chakra – balanced, imbalanced & tips to balance

2nd Sacral Chakra – balanced, imbalanced & tips to balance

Introduction to the Sacral Chakra –

Sacral is the second chakra out of seven essential chakras inside the body. In Sanskrit, the Sacral Chakra is called Svadhistana Chakra. This chakra is the abode of own self and thing in which one take pleasure.

Where is it located?

The Sacral Chakra is located in the lower abdomen region – Sacrum. Yogis explained this chakra as a lotus with 6 petals in which there is a crescent moon.

Nature of Sacral Chakra –

Sacral Chakra is chiefly concerned with our sensory pleasure – be it through food, sex, smell, hearing or so. One’s sensuality explains the state of the sacral chakra. Whatever overwhelms you and fills you up with joy is controlled by this chakra. When balanced, Sacral Chakra brings sweetness to our relationships with spouse, parents, siblings, relatives, and society. That sensation of pleasure runs through our body in certain situations is the factor of the Sacral Chakra. It tells how much you enjoy both alone and in the company of others; also, how much others are happy in your company. A person with balanced Sacral Chakra usually remains happy and tries to make others smile.

When Sacral Chakra is Balanced –

  • Your social life is good; you get along well with others.
  • You are able to enjoy sexual intercourse.
  • You enjoy every single moment of life.
  • You are good at cracking jokes.
  • Your relationships are healthy & harmonious.
  • You are excited about trying new things.
  • You are finely creative.
  • You are comfortable in your own body and with own personality.

When Sacral Chakra is Imbalanced –

  • Your sex life is dissatisfying.
  • You are unable to forward progeny.
  • You feel guilty about sexual talks and practices.
  • Your relationships are unhealthy and disturbed.
  • You have no motivation to do anything.
  • You remain exhausted and emotionally disturbed.
  • You have a lack of creativity.
  • You are somewhat emotionally cold.
  • Even a small change in life disturbs you.

Tips to Balance the Sacral Chakra –

  • Chant Mantra “Vam”.
  • Use colour orange such as in clothing, accessories, home décor & food, etc.
  • You can keep anorange-coloured hanky or cloth with you.
  • Have red, orange, and yellow fruits and foods.
  • Try to connect yourself with the water element.
  • Pay attention to emotions of own and others.
  • Perform Yoga Asanas such as Butterfly Asana.
  • Aromas like orange, cardamom, rose, sandalwood, Neroli, and patchouli etc. can help to activate the Sacral Chakra.