6 Myths about Name Change in Numerology

6 Myths about Name Change in Numerology

According to numerology, the name reveals a lot about the person. Synching name with the date of birth is a great numerological technique to yield auspicious results. However, some people are unable to figure out the numerology name and date of birth compatibility. This inability creates confusions and myths about the numerology name change. What are those myths? Let’s discuss!

1. Name change means having a whole new name.

Wrong! Many people assume that in numerology, name change means leaving the old name and having a new name. This is not the truth! In Numerology, name change implies either removing or adding alphabets in your existing name only to change its value. The alphabets used in a name decide its value which further decides its results. Even adding or removing a single alphabet from the name could change its value &attributes.

2. It is required to change the name in documents.

No, it is not required to change the name legally in documents. There are many other ways to adopt the new name. Following those methods properly will make that name work for you. This way, you can keep the old name in documents.

3. I can change the name myself.

People who are not expert in numerology think that they can change the name themselves by adding or removing any alphabet randomly. The trick of changing name spellings usually proves unsuccessful plus harm them more than before.

4. Online name prediction is correct.

Well, online name prediction is alwaysgiven in a crux. It either emphasizes only positive or negative attributes of the name but does not clearly tell if the name is compatible with your date of birth or not. People who do not know the technique of synching name with the date of birth cannot rely on online name predictions.

5. The single numeric value of name works.

Undoubtedly, numerology revolves around 9 numbers, but the scene is a little different when it comes to name numbers. In name numbers, we consider the total/absolute value of the name, not the single number. For example, name number 5, 14, and 50 holds the vibration of number 5, but their results are different altogether.

6. A lucky name number is lucky for the business also.

No, it is not always necessary that a lucky name number would prove a lucky business name as well. A name can be lucky for a person but unlucky for a business; similarly, a name can be unlucky for a person but lucky for business.

If you want to know whether your name is compatible to date of birth or not, then we offer numerology name change advice for free. You can share your name and date of birth in comment on our Youtube or Facebook page, and we will tell you if it is compatible or not.