Characterization of Lord Shiva: Why & How Lord Shiva is easily pleased

Characterization of Lord Shiva: Why & How Lord Shiva is easily pleased

In Hinduism, there are numerous Devtas, but only one Mahadeva/Shiva is known as Devon Ke Dev implies Lord of Lords. Shiva is the only God worshiped by other gods; moreover, demons for critical boons. Lord Shiva is popular with other names as well. The father of the universe is a true giver! He is easily pleased and grants critical boons quite easily. Conventionally, girls used to worship Lord Shiva for the desired husband, but he fulfils all sorts of desire, even the impossible ones; so is the power of the innocent deity Shiva.

Why Lord Shiva is Easily Pleased:

Lord Shiva is quite innocent! Generally, we all are under the control of God, but Shiva is under the control of his devotees. Whenever worshiped with full devotion, Shiva blesses the devotee and fulfils all his desires.

How Lord Shiva is Easily Pleased:

Worshiping Lord Shiva on Monday is quite beneficial! Generally, all the days are devoted to Lord Shiva, but Monday is especially devoted to him. Performing any Shiva Puja on Monday yields quick and sure results.

Pour Milk mixed with Water on Shiva Linga!

Lord Shiva is easily pleased with a mere pot of simple water; however, offering milk mixed with water is a conventional custom to present true devotion to Lord Shiva. However, one could pour a little amount of milk on the Linga and donate the rest to the poor/needy.

Always worship Lord Shiva with Devi Parvati!

Shiva Puja is incomplete without worshiping Devi Parvati – the beloved consort of Lord Shiva! Parvati is considered as the female incarnation of Lord Shiva himself. If Shiva is the father of the universe, then Devi Parvati is the mother of the universe and worthy of being worshiped. Without Parvati, Shiva is on a par with Shava (dead body). So, to please Shiva, Shakti Pujan is equally important!

Observe fast on Monday!

In Hinduism, custom of observing 16 Somvar Vrat (16 Mondays Fast) is older & proven. Usually, girls used to observe such fasts to get the desired husband. This is a proven astrological remedy to get the desired life partner and often suggested to marriageable girls & boys. Offer anything with “Devotion”!

When it comes to worship Lord Shiva, offering mere water is sufficient provided that offered with devotion. To please Lord Shiva, you can offer near to anything irrespective of size or amount. Moreover, just paying respect with hands joint is pleasing to him. But again, whatever you do must be packed with love, trust & devotion. Chant Shiva Beej Mantra 108 Times! Shiva Beej Mantra is quite simple viz. “Om Namha Shivaye”. Chanting the Shiva seed Mantra daily 108 times purifies the body, mind & soul. You can chant the Mantra anytime.

Wear Rudraksha in any form!

Rudraksha bead is one of the powerful symbols of Lord Shiva. Rudraksha is considered as the sacred tears of three-eyed Shiva and is close to his heart. It works like an amulet which wards off the negativity and varied problems of life. The blessing of Lord Shiva is present in abundance in Rudraksha; hence, wearing it may prove quite beneficial.

Important Suggestions for Lord Shiva Devotees:

  • Offer water to Shiva Linga daily or at least on Monday.
  • Worship Lord Shiva with pure body, mind & soul.
  • Do not doubt the Lord while worshiping with a particular desire.
  • Devote yourself completely to Lord Shiva.
  • Do not doubt on Lord Shiva concerning whether he will give results or not.
  • Lord Shiva may test your patience in varied ways; so, don’t lose your patience and keep worshiping him with the constant devotion.
  • Do not think or do something bad to others.
  • Keep yourself ever eager to receive the result.
  • Live in the wish, assuming that the Lord has already fulfilled your wish.
  • Do not forget to thank Lord Shiva when the desire has been fulfilled!
  • Remember, the Lord gives you what is good for you, not what you desire! So, do not blame the Lord, if you don’t receive the desired as Shiva better knows the secrets of nature!

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