How to Attract Love in Life?

How to Attract Love in Life?

Love is a priceless feeling, a valuable possession, subtle like God and beyond the world. Everybody wants love as it adds meaning in life. Love has many shades like the love of parents, siblings and friends, but the love of a partner holds a special place in everyone’s life. Some people are lucky enough in love matters where some face disappointment in love life.

What attracts love in life?

Astrologically, the planet Venus is the factor of love. It governs love relationships, attraction, sex and affairs in life. One’s love life depends upon the state of Venus in the horoscope. If it is benefic, one would enjoy a healthy and pleasurable love life; conversely, if it is malefic, love life would be full of sorrows and disappointments; moreover, it causes cheating in love or sometimes does not let love life begin & flourish.

How to add love in life?

To add love in life, you need to please & strengthen planet Venus. It will add the desired love in life along with prosperity, beauty, luxury and abundance.

Here are some simple remedies to strengthen Venus and getting the desired love:

Read Shukra Strotam with Shukra Kavacham daily.
Read 108 names of Shukra/Venus.
Add a photo of love birds in the South-west corner of the house.

Other powerful tips to attract the desired love in life:

  • Use pleasing perfumes on the body & clothes.
  • Develop a love for cosmetics.
  • Always look smart & pleasing.
  • Listen to the melodious music.
  • Keep yourself eager to receive the love.
  • Chant Shukra Mantra 108 times daily.
  • Donate white items in the temple or to poor on Friday.
  • Observe fast on Friday.
  • Help the girls in marriage.
  • Worship Shiva with Parvati.
  • Worship goddess Lakshmi.
  • Wear diamond jewellery.
  • Never cheat your life partner.

Powerful Shukra Mantra: “Om Shree Shukraye Namaha”!

Performing all the remedies is not required. You can adopt the possible ones in routine but perform them with full devotion and trust.

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