How to balance East-north-east direction: add fun, entertainment & pleasure in life!

How To Balance Direction

Sometimes there is everything in life but not the real fun or pleasure. This results in unnecessary stress, fatigue and dissatisfaction. In Vastu Shastra, East-north-east is the direction responsible for fun and entertainment in life! East-north-east is the zone between the North-east corner and East direction. We often require a sudden stroke of refreshment to forget the labour and tensions of the day, which is bestowed by ENE of the house. If fun, entertainment, relaxation and pleasure are missing in your life,North-east-north direction of your house will be imbalanced!

If East-north-east is balanced:

  • It keeps the family atmosphere light & loving.
  • You feel refreshed at home after a hectic day.
  • The family sits and enjoys the discussion, games, snacks, and fun & frolic.
  • Tensions don’t stay for long.
  • You find pleasure in small things.
  • You do not get frustrated or depressed.
  • Overall, you enjoy the feeling of home sweet home!

If East-north-east is imbalanced:

  • You will not feel relaxed at home.
  • You will not feel like going home after a hectic day.
  • Family atmosphere will be disturbed or disappointed.
  • You will remain fatigued, depressed and worried.
  • You will not like spending time at home or with family.
  • You will always look for external sources to add fun and pleasure in life.

What makes East-north-east direction imbalanced?
There are certain causes – which you may not know – but could contaminate the East-north-east zone of your house. Here are a few common causes you can relate your ENE to:

  • If storeroom is in the ENE.
  • If the kitchen is in the ENE.
  • If the septic tank is in the ENE.
  • If the activities related to the fire or earth element are here.
  • If the items representing earth or fire element are here.

There can be more reasons for imbalanced ENE. You can share the activity of the ENE of your house in the comment section, and we will personally tell you its effects on your life and house.

Tips to balance the East-north-east direction:

  • Make washroom or spain the ENE – but do not make a toilet here.
  • Make children’s playroom in the ENE – you could simply place some toys here.
  • You can keep your adorable pet in the ENE, which would prove entertaining for both the pet and family.
  • Keep a flute in the East-north-east to add pleasure, fun and entertainment in life.
  • Keep of hang pictures of instruments in this zone.
  • Add a family picture in this zone.
  • Sit, sleep or spend time in ENE to reveal anxieties, stress and concerns – making a bedroom here is also suggested.
  • Make a drawing room or living room here where the family could spend some time together, or pleasurable get together can be organized.
  • Puja room can also be considered here to receive the power to deal with the day-to-day.
  • If you leave this area open, it will also add lightness and fun in life.

A Tip by OmOccult: Try to add or perform only those activities in East-north-east, which get you pleasure and refreshment such as playing, communicating, relaxing, sleeping, playing instruments or similar. It will default balance the ENE of the house and your life will become pleasurable.

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