How to Balance North-east Direction: Become Mentally Clear in Life!

How To Balance Direction

Quality of life depends upon the sort of decisions we make.To make right & wise decisions in life, having mental clarity is crucially requisite.

Q: From where it comes?

A: From the North-east (Uttar-Purav) corner of the house.North-east is that corner of the house where the North and East meet.
Among the 16 directions of Vastu Shastra, North-east is regarded as the most Satvic or purified zone. The primary attribute of North-east is mental clarity; reason being, the head part of the Vastu Purusha is in the North-east direction. Experts used to judge one’s mentality and psychology through the North-east or one’s behaviour explains the condition of the North-east of his/her house.

When the North-east of the house is balanced:

You will be wise, will be considered as intelligent, will get right intuitions about things, situations and people, will often make the right decisions, will be cool-headed & mentally stable, confusions will not prevail and you will emerge as a wise person in the circle or society.

When the North-east of the house is imbalanced:

You will remain confused about everything, will regret your decisions, will not get intuitions or the intuitions will prove wrong, you will remain irritated & anxious, you may face mental or neuron issues, and people will take you as a confused and unwise person.

What makes the North-east direction imbalanced?

Vastu Shastra introduces different reasons which could contaminate the NE (North-east) of the house. Here are a few common causes of imbalanced North-east you can relate:

  • Over-head tank in NE.
  • Bedroom in NE.
  • Storeroom in NE.
  • Bathroom in NE.
  • Kitchen in NE.
  • Bar in NE.
  • Servant room in NE.
  • Earth-related items in NE.
  • Red, blue, or yellow colour in NE.
  • If items or activities related to Earth or Fire element are here.

If North-east – the head part of the Vastu Purusha – is contaminated by any means, it will directly & negatively affect your mental abilities. So, make efforts to keep the NE of the house balanced all along.

You can share in comment about what is in the North-east of your house. We will review it and tell the effects of that.

Tips to balance the North-east direction of the house:

    • Do not sleep or make a bedroom in NE – it will disturb the mind of the person sleeping here.
    • Always keep the North-east neat & clean – the more it is clean, more mental clarity you will get.
    • Make Puja Room in NE – it will help you raise on the spiritual level.
    • Keep or hang a photo/idol of GautamBudha(a symbol of wisdom) in NE.
    • You can also keep a photo of Shiv Parivar in NE.
    • Keep an Om symbol in NE.
    • Keep simple or holy water like Ganga Jal in NE.
    • The ailing person shall drink the water kept in North-east for rapid healing.
    • Use North-east direction of the house for Puja, meditation, Yoga, Chakra Balancing, or reading like practices.
    • If possible, keep NE open and light-weighted.

A Tip by OmOccult: Whenever you feel confused about a situation, think about it sitting in the North-east direction. It will give you more & right insights about that situation; consequentially, you will make the right decision!

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