How to balance North-north-west of the house: tips to improve husband & wife relationship

How To Balance Direction

North-north-west is the zone between the North-west corner and the main North direction. This zone is loaded with the attraction – the main attribute of NNW. In Vastu, NNW is regarded as the zone of sexual pleasure. One’s sexual or love relationships are often judged through this zone. Due to these attributes, NNW is often recommended for the newly married couples & people of marriageable age. However, children or teenagers should avoid living in this direction as here they may lose their character & morality. Basically, this zone is related to our sensory pleasures which brings pleasure at the soul level.

If North-north-west is balanced;

  • The relationship between the husband & wife will be good.
  • The couple will enjoy a blissful & satisfying sex life.
  • The couple will feel immense attraction towards each other.
  • You will face no problem in childbirth.
  • The zone will support in forwarding the family lineage.
  • You will look attractive & charming.

If North-north-west is Imbalanced;

  • The husband & wife will lose attraction & feelings for each other.
  • The sex life of the couple will be juiceless.
  • The husband & wife will not share good relationship.
  • There will be problems with childbirth.
  • The family lineage will not increase.
  • You will lose attraction & charm.
  • It may cause separation or divorce.

What makes North-north-west imbalanced?

  • If a toilet is in the NNW.
  • If the kitchen is in the NNW.
  • If NNW is open.
  • If swage, septic tank or dustbin is in the NNW.
  • If storeroom is in the NNW, it will ruin the relationships also will cause sexual disorders.

Tips to balance North-north-west zone:

  • If you drink, then NNW is the best direction to enjoy the peg.
  • Place a bedroom for the newly wedded couple here; they will share a great bonding.
  • Place anti-clockwise stairs here to improve the love relationships.
  • Place images & paintings representing love here.
  • Do not use black colour in this direction.
  • Place water element related items here.
  • Ladies may arrange their dressing table here.
  • Arrange nice soothing music in this direction.
  • The couple should hang their happy picture on the NNW wall.

A Tip by OmOccult: Remember, every person or item placed in the north-north-west will default attain attraction. If you want to increase the sale, display or store your goods in the North-north-west direction; it will attract a lot of genuine customers.