How to balance North-west of the house: tips for savings

How To Balance Direction

North-west is that corner where the North and West directions/walls meet. In Vastu, NW is regarded as the zone of support/backup. It represents the saved money, supportive people, and all that stuff which supports you in the time of need. Anything you store in this direction will become your support system. Some relate it to the money saved in the bank as well. One’s savings are often judged through the North-west of the house.

If North-west is balanced;

  • You will face no shortage of money.
  • Your savings will be good.
  • You will have supportive people in life who will be ready to back you up in the time of need.
  • You will have a good bank balance.
  • You will gain easily without any hindrance.

If North-west is imbalanced;

  • You will face a shortage of money.
  • You won’t be able to save money.
  • You will have no or low bank balance.
  • The money will flow in dribs & drabs.
  • You will not receive external help from people or anyhow whenever you need.
  • You will have to make immense hard work & efforts to earn.
  • The males of the house may lose vitality.
  • It may also cause a problem in childbirth.
  • It makes children stubborn and disobedient.

What makes North-west imbalance?

There can be different reasons for an imbalanced North-west. Some of the common reasons are as mentioned:

  • If a toilet or washroom is in the NW.
  • If the fire-related activity or objects are extant in the NW.
  • If the kitchen is in the NW.
  • If dustbin, septic tank, or sewage is in the NW.

Tips to balance the North-west direction:

  • Placing drawing room, dining room, conference room, or meeting room, here will get you the desired external support.
  • Place a bedroom here for financial gains & growth.
  • You can also place the living room here.
  • Storing money in the north-west will increase your savings also will become your support system.
  • Since NW is the zone of storage, a storeroom in north-west gets a good result in every manner.
  • You can also store food grains in NW to ensure no shortage of edibles in the house.
  • Companies can use NW to place their servers, computer backup, and files, etc.

A Tip by OmOccult: Anything youstore here will become your backup or support system. So, store anything carefully in the North-west direction.