How to Balance South-south-east of the house – how to gain confidence& strength!

How To Balance Direction

South-south-east is the zone between South-east corner and south direction. In Vastu, SSE is regarded as the zone of mental & physical power. In residents – the confidence to do anything – comes from SSE provided it is balanced. South-south-east is the zone where the fire element is active enough; hence, SSE is considered as one of the best directions for the kitchen in the house. When we feed SSE (fierce zone) with the fire element, it blesses with courage, confidence and strength both mental & physical.

If South-south-east is balanced;

  • You will be courageous enough.
  • You won’t afraid of anyone or any situation.
  • You will have the confidence to take profitable risks.
  • You will accomplish the undertaken tasks rather than delaying them.
  • You will remain excited & energized to do something.
  • You will have the willpower to do something.
  • Your plans will not remain plans worth, but you will act upon and will gain through them.
  • People cannot easily manipulate or bully you.
  • You will have a powerful image in society and the circle.
  • People will not unnecessarily mess with you.
  • Your immunity will be strong.

If South-south-east is imbalanced;

  • You will be a coward and passive.
  • You will feel lethargic or unwilling to do something.
  • People would easily manipulate or bully you.
  • You will afraid of things, people and situations.
  • You will have many excuses for not doing something.
  • You will keep delaying the task.
  • People will consider you as a weak person.
  • You will have weak immunity.
  • You may have stomach disorders such as constipation or digestive issues.
  • You might make plans in the air but will never materialize them.
  • You will lack excitement, courage and confidence.

What makes South-south-east imbalanced?
There are different reasons due to which SSE of the house could lose its balance & virtues.
Here are a few common causes:

  • If washroom or toilet is in SSE.
  • If any water-related activity is in SSE.
  • If the blue or black colour has been used in SSE.
  • If round-shaped items are present in SSE.

There can be more reasons for imbalanced South-south-east. You can share the activity of the SSE of your house in the comment section, and we will personally tell you its effects on your life and house.

How to balance East-south-east direction?

  • Place kitchen in SSE – it will give the best results.
  • Dining room in SSE proves beneficial for health of the residents.
  • You can also make the drawing-room here to make meetings profitable.
  • If Mandir is placed in SSE, worshipping Lord Hanuman here proves beneficial.
  • You can also hang an image of Lord Hanuman in SSE.
  • Decorate SSE with sparking lights and triangle-shaped items more.
  • Use yellow, orange or red colour here; however, to balance the fire use white colour also.
  • The zone is ideal for placing healing centres as well.
  • Less confident people shall make bedroom here.

A Tip by OmOccult: For strength and courage, worship Lord Hanuman in the South-south-east direction.

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