How to Balance the East Direction: Tips to Improve Your Social Image

How To Balance Direction

East is the “King” direction. It governs our social relationships, friendships, associations, foreign contacts, and relationships with authority or government. Due to such attributes, East direction is often recommended for the politicians, and all those One’s social image indicates the state of the East direction (balanced or imbalanced) in the house.

If the East direction is balanced;

  • You will be social enough.
  • You will have a huge friend circle.
  • You will be recognized by people.
  • People will often approach you for advice.
  • You will be an important part of society or circle.
  • You will be opinionated, and your opinions will matter to others.
  • You will enjoy gatherings and will be a part of the crowd.
  • You will shine like a king or authority.
  • You will have a significant influence over others.
  • You will have good connections with the government or people in authority.
  • You will have foreign contacts and will be benefitted through them.
  • You might travel to abroad countries and will easily get visas.
  • You will succeed in the political field.
  • You might be indulged in kitties and committees.

If the East direction is imbalanced;

  • You will have no or a few friends.
  • You will not like to socialize much.
  • You will occupy the last seat in any gathering, party or meeting.
  • You will have no opinion or will feel hesitate while presenting your views.
  • Your opinion or advice will not matter to others.
  • You will spend life like a black horse.
  • You will have bad relationships with the people of authority or government.
  • You will face harm from the government side.
  • You will face visa refusals.
  • You will face several health issues.
  • You will lack confidence.
  • You will fail in the political field.

What makes the East direction imbalanced?
Here are some possible causes which could make your East direction imbalanced.

  • A storeroom in the East adversely affects social relationships.
  • Toilet in the East also proves harmful for the social image.
  • Septic Tank or sewage in the East is also harmful.
  • Items or activities related to the Earth element here make the East imbalanced.
  • Keeping items of black & blue colour are also not favourable here. Any item representing Saturn in the East provides with harm.

There can be more reasons for imbalanced East. You can share the activity of the East of your house in the comment section, and we will personally tell you its effects on your life and house.

How to balance the East direction:

  • Make bedroom here – people who are in politics, social reform or connected to the public in any manner shall spend time or sleep in the East direction only.
  • You can also make a drawing-room here to attend guests or people to improve social relationships.
  • Placing Mandir/Puja Room here also proves beneficial for people in authority or politics.
  • In the office, making a meeting or conference room here proves beneficial for public dealings.
  • Use white or grey colour in this direction.
  • Keep the east direction neat & clean.
  • Decorate your east with fine bright lights
  • Hang a country flag here to improve social relationships – if you want to take benefit from a particular country, hang that country’s flag in the East direction.

A Tip by Omoccult: You should reach out and start interacting with people. Never say never for social gatherings or outings. More you become open and social, the East of the house will begin to assume balance by default.

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