How to balance the North-north-east of the house: tips to remain healthy!

How To Balance Direction

North-north-east is the zone between the North-east and North. In Vastu, NNE is regarded as the zone of health, healing & immunity. The health of the residence, diseases occur, and the immune system is usually judged through the NNE of the house. If lethal diseases and frequent ailments present in a house, it is a clear indication of problematic north-north-east in that house. Hence, for enjoying sound health, NNE of the house must be balanced.

If North-north-east is balanced;

  • The residence will not often fall sick.
  • The immune system of the residents will be strong and work properly.
  • No lethal diseases will catch any resident.
  • The recovery system of the body will be proper.

If North-north-east is imbalanced;

  • Residents will often fall sick.
  • At least one member of the family will regularly face health issues.
  • Lethal diseases such as tuberculosis, diabetes, heart diseases, and cancer, etc. may enter the house.
  • The immunity of the residents will be weak or not working properly.
  • The body’s natural recovery system will be improper.

What makes NNE imbalanced?

  • If NNE is not neat & clean.
  • If the kitchen is in the NNE.
  • If a toilet/washroom is in the NNE.
  • If a generator or inverter is in the NNE.
  • If septic tank, sewage or dustbin is in the NNE.
  • If the storeroom is in the NNE.

Tips to balance North-north-east:

  • Store medicines in NNE.
  • Make a dining room in the NNE – eating in this area will provide with sound health.
  • A drawing room can also be placed in the NNE.
  • Leaving this area open also proves good for the health of the residents.
  • Hang Lord Dhanvantri (the god of medicines) image in the NNE.
  • Take medicine sitting in this area.
  • Make the ailing person sit, sleep and spend time in the NNE.

A Tip by OmOccult: If a sick person sleeps in the North-north-east; it will help him/her to recover soon; however, if a healthy person sleeps in NNE; he/she will fall sick.