How to balance the North of the house: tips to get opportunities

How To Balance Direction

North is one main cardinal direction. One’s opportunities, prosperity, business skills, targets, and growth are often judged through the North direction. Basically, North is the direction of water element; free flow of the water is required to run life smoothly.

If the North is balanced;

  • You will get many beneficial opportunities.
  • You will be prosperous.
  • You will have any money-making opportunities.
  • You will have a fine business sense.
  • You will not have to struggle much for achieving the desired.
  • You will be able to make the most of the opportunities come your way.
  • You will have set goals in life which you will pursue appropriately.
  • You will be ambitious.
  • You will grow in career & life.

If the North is Imbalanced;

  • You will feel a lack of opportunities.
  • Opportunities will either not come or you will miss them.
  • You will have to struggle quite a lot for achieving the desired.
  • You will lead a life in poverty.
  • Money will not come to you easily.
  • Opportunities to make money will be less.
  • You will lack competitive or business skills.
  • You will have no set goals in life.
  • You will lack enthusiasm in life.
  • The growth in life will seem difficult.
  • You will face obstacles in career & education.

What makes the North imbalanced?

There can be several activities or items which could imbalance the North direction of the house. However, some possible reasons are shared beneath:

  • If a toilet is in the North.
  • If the Kitchen is in the North.
  • If red, orange, or yellow colour is used in the North.
  • If square-shaped items are placed in the North.
  • If guestroom is in the North.
  • If the storeroom, septic tank or sewage is in the North.
  • If there are dust & spider webs in the North.

You may share the activity of your North direction in the comment section. We will personally tell you its effect on your house & life.

Tips to balance the North direction:

  • Place bedroom here for career growth.
  • Place study room here for growth in career & education.
  • Place dining room here.
  • Placing a drawing room here also derives good results.
  • Placing a Mandir here provides with benefits.

A Tip by OmOccult: Career-oriented people or businessmen should reside in the North direction; it will help them grab opportunities, potential, skills, and grow day by day.