How to Balance the South-east of the house – tips to enhance cash flow

How To Balance Direction

South-east is the corner where south and east directions meet. SE governs your possessions, luxuries, cash flow, physical appearance and position of the business. The planet of SE is Venus and element is the fire which represents cash, energy, beauty, luster and materialistic things.

If the south-east is balanced;

  • The money flow in your house/office will be satisfactory.
  • You will gain profits, and your business will grow.
  • You will be particular about your looks and will love things of beauty such as cosmetics, jewellery & clothes, etc.
  • You will be courageous.
  • You will be considered prosperous.
  • You will have an attractive physique and aura.
  • You will often get success in your endeavours.
  • You will live a luxurious life.
  • You will grow in life without facing many obstacles.

If the south-east is imbalanced;

  • The money will come in dribs & drabs to you, and you will be dissatisfied with your financial position.
  • You will meet frequent failures in business or career.
  • You will not have an attractive aura due to which you will appear less attractive to others.
  • You will lack willpower and confidence.
  • An imbalanced SE gives poverty.
  • You will be no or less desire for things of beauty & luxury.
  • You will have to face many obstacles on your path to success.

What makes the South-east imbalanced?
There can be different causes which could imbalance South-east of the house. Some of the common causes are mentioned here:

  • Any water-related activity or object will imbalance SE.
  • Toilet or washroom will imbalance SE.
  • Use of blue or black colours will imbalance SE.
  • Items of wavy & round shape in SE could imbalance this direction.

There can be more reasons for imbalanced South-east. You can share the activity of the SE of your house in the comment section, and we will personally tell you its effects on your life and house.
Tips to Balance South-east Direction:

  • The zone is suitable for the kitchen as it will support the fire element here.
  • If the kitchen is in this direction, prefer to keep the microwave oven in the exact South-east corner – it will increase money inflow.
  • Hang Maa Durga picture in SE to balance the zone.
  • Keep a cash box here to increase the cash inflow. The tip is especially beneficial for shopkeepers to place cash counter in the SE.
  • Use red & orange colour here to balance the zone; if can’t, then white is default better for this zone.
  • Prefer to keep triangular-shaped items in this zone.

A Tip by OmOccult: Remember, SE is the zone of fire element which undoubtedly enhances prosperity, beauty and charm, but fire is beneficial when is in control, and destructive when is out of control. Hence, do not overactive the fire element in SE.