How to balance the South of the house – tips for relaxed body & mind!

How To Balance Direction

South is one of the four cardinal directions. Ideally, the South is the direction of relaxation; hence, recommended for bedrooms where one could sleep and release mental & physical fatigue. If relaxation is missing from life, it indicates imbalanced south of the house. Alongside, the south direction governs one’s recognition, fame, and promotions, etc.

If the South is balanced;

  • You will feel relaxed, mentally & physically.
  • You feel have mental peace.
  • You will have a sound sleep.
  • You could immediately revive after an exhausting activity or a hectic day.
  • Being physically & mentally relaxed, you will go healthy.
  • You will be recognized for your work & efforts.
  • Your hard work & efforts will pay off.
  • In a job, you will certainly get increments & promotions.
  • You will get the desired fame.
  • You will give competition to others.

If the South is imbalanced;

  • You will remain mentally & physically tired.
  • You will be unable to relax.
  • Mental peace will be a far cry.
  • You will have disturbed sleep or sleep disorders.
  • You may even have nightmares.
  • You will get permanent restlessness.
  • You will not get recognition against your efforts and work.
  • You won’t get the desired fame.
  • Your competitors will win over you.
  • In a job, you will not get the desired increment or promotion.

What makes South direction imbalanced?

There are different reasons due to which south of the house could lose its balance & virtues. Some of them are as below:

  • If a toilet or washroom is in the south.
  • If any water-related activity or object is in the south.
  • If blue or black colours are used in the south.
  • If the mirror is kept in the south.
  • If one drinks sitting in this direction.
  • If anti-clockwise stairs are in the south.

There can be more reasons for the imbalanced south direction. You can share the activity of the south of your house in the comment section, and we will personally tell you its effects on your life and house.

Tips to balance the south direction:

  • Place bedroom here – it will provide you with instant relaxation. People who want fame should sleep in the south direction. Also, people having sleep disorders can get sound sleep by sleeping in this direction.
  • You can also place meditation or Yoga room here. It will help in such practices, also in achieving relaxation.
  • One can also use this direction for the dining area.
  • Being the zone of the fire element, south is also a favourable direction for the kitchen. It not only balances the south direction but provides with fame and brings comfort and relaxation in life.
  • Use white colour in the south direction.
  • Keep the direction neat & clean always.

A tip by OmOccult: Place Maa Kali image in the south direction to balance it.