How to balance the South-south-west of the house – tips to get a healthy body& mind!

How To Balance Direction

South-south-west is the zone between the south direction and the south-west corner. In Vastu, SSW is the direction of disposal. It supports the disposal of wastes from our house, body, & mind. Disposal of waste is the course of cleaning for a healthy house and body. For the health of both house and residents, balancing south-south-west is crucially important.

If the South-south-west is balanced;

  • Your stomach will remain healthy.
  • You will be able to digest the food easily.
  • You will fall sick less.
  • Your let go ability will be good, and you will not hold bad things and emotions for long.
  • You will be able to release unnecessary emotions easily.
  • You will feel healthy and light.
  • You will get a good immune system.

If the South-south-west is imbalanced;

  • Your stomach will remain upset.
  • You will have constipation.
  • You will be unable to digest the food.
  • You will often fall sick.
  • Your let go ability will be bad,and you will hold bad things and emotions for long.
  • You will be unable to release unnecessary emotions out of your mind & heart.
  • You will feel unhealthy and a burden.
  • Your immune system will be adversely affected.
  • You will be unable to work properly.
  • Unwanted emotional thoughts will occupy the mind.

What makes south-south-west imbalanced?

  • If blue or black colours are used in SSW.
  • If the bedroom is in SSW; it will disturb the mind and body of the person sleeping here.
  • If the kitchen is in SSW; the cooked food will lose its nutritious value.
  • If air or water element related objects are extant in SSW.
  • If one spends a lot of time in SSW, he/she will face health issues.
  • If dustbin or sewage here is not being cleared on a regular basis.
  • In short, any other activity except toilet, dustbin or sewage, etc. in SSW will cause problems.

Tips to balance South-south-west zone:

  • SSW is an ideal zone for thetoilet where the body could release the waste & toxins properly.
  • You should keep dustbin in SSW – when it will get cleared regularly, it will default balance the zone of disposal.
  • Sewage here also supports the disposal activity.
  • If one is feeling sniffed, whether physically or emotionally; sitting here for some time could help to release what is unnecessary.

A tip by OmOccult: Remember, disposal is good if is in control; excessive disposal of the body is also troublesome. It may increase bowel function, which may cause diarrhoea. To avoid excessive disposal, avoid spending more time in SSW.

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