How to balance the South-west of the house – tips to strengthen relationships

How To Balance Direction

South-west is the corner where the south and west directions meet. Generally, SW is regarded as the zone of ancestors as well as other personal relationships, such as husband-wife, parents-children, and siblings, etc. One’s relationships are often judged through the state of South-west in the house.In Vastu Shastra, the feet of Vastu Purusha is in the South-west direction which stands for stability. Additionally, South-west is the zone of skills, brilliance, savings and stability, whether in career, education, life or relationships.

If the south-west is balanced;

  • Husband & wife will share stronger bonding.
  • The children of the house will respect and obey the elders.
  • You will gain & improve skills.
  • You will earn through the skills & knowledge you have.
  • You will have stability in life, education, job, career or relationships.
  • Your savings will be good.
  • You will have property.
  • Marriageable people will get the desired marriage proposal and marriage will not get delayed.
  • You will share overall good relationships with others.

If the south-west is imbalanced;

  • There will be quarrels between husband & wife.
  • Children will not obey their elders and will not listen to their parents.
  • You will not be skilled at anything.
  • You will frequently change your job or field.
  • A lack of stability will always be there in career, education, job & relationships.
  • You won’t be able to save money.
  • You may lose property or might indulge in property-related legal matters.
  • Marriageable people will not get the desired marriage proposal and marriage will be delayed. In the worst cases, engagements/love affairs may break again & again.

What makes South-west imbalanced?
There are different reasons because of which the South-west of the house can be imbalanced. A few possible ones are mentioned beneath:

  • If the toilet is in SW.
  • If SW is open.
  • If the entrance is in SW.
  • If the kitchen is in SW.
  • If one drinks alcohol sitting in this direction.
  • If activities or objects related to the water element are in SW.

You can share the activity or objects placed in the South-west of your house in the comment section, and we will tell you their effect on your house & life.
Tips to balance the South-west direction:

  • Keep the South-west neat & clean.
  • Use brown or yellow colour in SW.
  • Keep the South-west closed to prevent the inflow of negative energy and outflow of positive energy.
  • Make a bedroom here.
  • Hang family pictures or pictures of ancestor on the South-west wall.
  • Hang love birds here to add love in life or getting the desired life partner.
  • You can also make a study room, practice room, or work room here.
  • Decorate SW with Earthic pots & items.
  • Never throw waste on the Earth.
  • Add village scene image here for job stability.
  • Balance the South-west by adding the sound such as Gayatri Mantra.

A Tip by OmOccult: Keep the items/tools related to your professions in the South-west; it will improve your skills/proficiency also will help you earn through the skills.