How to balance the west-north-west of the house – tips to release emotional fatigue!

How To Balance Direction

West-north-west is the zone between the west and north-west direction. In Vastu, WNW is the direction of cleansing – somewhat similar to the South-south-west. However, WNW represents our emotional blockages which can be due to certain reasons. The balanced WNW helps to release emotional fatigues and provides with a light mind, heart, and body.

If west-north-west is balanced;

  • You will be emotionally strong.
  • You will be able to get rid of any emotional distress soon.
  • You will have a clear enough mind & heart.
  • Emotional pangs will not disturb you.
  • You will let go of unnecessary things and emotions easily.
  • You will not store distressful things & emotions in your heart.

If west-north-west is imbalanced;

  • You will be emotionally weak.
  • You will not be able to get rid of the emotional distress by time.
  • You will have mental blockages & inability to think properly.
  • You will remain emotionally imbalanced and disturbed.
  • You will not let go of distressful things easily.
  • You will keep stored the negativity in mind & heart for long.

What makes west-north-west imbalanced?

  • If the bedroom is here, it will make you emotionally disturbed.
  • If the kitchen or dining room is here, it will create differences between the family members.

Tips to balance west-north-west zone:

  • Place activities of detoxification here such as toilet, washroom, or sewage.
  • If you drink, then better drink sitting in the WNW; it will help you to release mental burdens.
  • Leave this area open.
  • The zone can be considered for a storeroom.

A Tip by OmOccult: If you are emotionally distressed, crying or sitting for sometimes in the west-north-west will help you get rid of that. However, spending more time here is not recommended as it could make you emotionally imbalanced.