How to balance the west of the house – tips to fulfil wishes & dreams!

How To Balance Direction

West is one of the four main cardinal directions. In Vastu, west is considered as the direction of material gains and profits. One’s satisfied desires, monetary position, financial gains & profits, etc. are often determined through west direction only. Alongside, west is the zone of manifestation. The things you do or think sitting in this direction will begin to materialize.

If the west direction is balanced;

  • Your financial gains will be satisfactory.
  • You will receive benefits in jobs or business.
  • Your wishes will be easily fulfilled.
  • You will be prosperous.
  • You will be hardworking.

If the west direction is imbalanced;

  • You will face financial losses.
  • You will face failures in job & business.
  • Your wishes will never be fulfilled.
  • You will lead a life in poverty.
  • You will either not be hardworking or your efforts will not pay off.

What makes the west direction imbalanced?

There are several reasons which could imbalance the west in your house. Here are a few possible ones shared
If the bathroom or toilet is in the west; it will resist financial gains.

  • If sewage, dustbin or septic tank is here.
  • If storeroom is here.
  • If you talk about losses sitting in this direction.
  • You think negatively sitting in this direction.

There can be more reasons for imbalanced west. You can share the activity of the west of your house in the comment section, and we will personally tell you its effects on your life and house.

Tips to balance the west direction:

  • Place a bedroom here; the person sleeping in this direction will gain financial profits.
  • Studying here will not only enhance the knowledge but will help you to gain through that.
  • Placing a kitchen or dining room can also be placed here; it will ensure sound health of the members.
  • Placing a drawing room here will make the meetings fruitful & profitable.
  • Decorate the direction with round-shaped items.
  • Hang a wind chime in the west.
  • Talk & think about positive things more in this zone.
  • Think about gains and wishes you want to fulfil sitting in this direction.

A Tip by OmOccult: Hang a picture of Vishnu & Lakshmi on the west wall; it will ensure financial gains.