How to balance the west-south-west of the house: tips to excel in education

How To Balance Direction

West-south-west is the zone between the south-west and west direction. In Vastu, WSW is regarded as the zone of education, knowledge, and skills. One’s education & knowledge are often judged through WSW. People usually complain that their children don’t study well, which is a clear indication of the imbalanced WSW of the house.
If west-south-west is balanced;

  • Children will be bright in education and will score well.
  • Children will not make excuses for studying.
  • You/children will remember/retain the studied or the books kept in WSW.
  • You will develop new skills and will be able to utilize them.

If west-south-west is imbalanced;

  • Children will be poor in their studies and academic performance will be disappointing.
  • Children will make excuses to delay studies.
  • You/children will forget the studied.
  • You will have no interest in gaining knowledge or developing skills.
  • You will not utilize your knowledge and skills properly.

What makes west-south-west imbalanced?
Well, the results of WSW depend upon the sort of activity or object placed here. Here are some possible causes which could make west-south-west imbalanced:

  • If television is in WSW, children will be interested in the cartoon or other shows more than studies.
  • A toilet in WSW will distract children from studies.
  • If dustbin, sewage, or septic tank is in WSW.
  • If the kitchen is in WSW.
  • If the storeroom is in WSW.

Tips to balance west-south-west direction:

  • Place study table or book ranks here.
  • Place Maa Saraswati (s symbol/deity of knowledge) picture in WSW.
  • If possible, leave this area open.
  • Practice skills in WSW.

A Tip by OmOccult: Place study-related images, objects and books in WSW. Also, make your children study in the west-south-west; he will begin to develop an interest in studies.