How to Change your Name?: Is your Name Lucky?

How to Change your Name?: Is your Name Lucky?

You are known by your name more than your date of birth. The name is that essential frequency of words which is associated with you since birth. Your name plays a very important role in your life. Your strengths, weakness and many events of life can be predicted just by your name.

Usually, a name which is used in your documents is what considered; but sometimes, the name you are often called with also plays a major role in shaping up your persona & life just like your other name or nickname.

Every alphabet used in your name has a numeric value. When we calculate them all, a reduced value is yielded in which secrets of your name are stored. You must know the meaning, strengths, and weaknesses of your name so can use the strengths completely and can be careful of the bad associated with your name.

Another important thing about your name is that it must be synchronized with your date of birth. How to synchronize your name with the date of birth? Well, an expert could help you with this.If your name is not synchronized with your date of birth, then do not worry, you can correct your name to synch it with the date of birth and can get the results.

How to change the name? If you do not know the technique of changing names, then you can change your name online.

What is the benefit of changing the name? Once you get your lucky name and begin to use it, you can experience the positive changes in your life, behaviour & career, etc.

How to use the changed name? If possible, use your lucky number in all your documents. Otherwise, use it in all social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp, etc. Also, use this name in your signature. It will begin to benefit you.

The same recommendation is for business names. However, it is not important that if a person’s name is lucky then it will be lucky for the business also. Sometimes, some name numbers prove lucky for a person, but disastrous to a business. Hence, you should choose any business name carefully after checking all profits & losses associated with it. Choose a lucky business name and make your business shine!

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