How to Manifest Any Wish with a Glass of Water?

How to Manifest Any Wish with a Glass of Water?

The distress in life enters due to unfulfilled wishes or some unwanted situations you are bound to cope up with. In such cases, you wish to have the control in hands so you could change it.


You will be amazed to know that the control is in your hand! If you cannot stop any situation to arrive, then don’t worry! You can certainly change it by creating its opposite event/situation.


With the help of “Manifestation Techniques”.

There are different manifestation techniques, and here we are going to share “Manifestation with a Glass of Water”.

It is a highly beneficial yet simple to perform manifestation technique which works with your subconscious and makes the event happen. Without discussing much, let’s find out how to manifest with the glass of water:

Step 1: Take two glasses: one full of water and one empty.

Step 2: Place both the glasses before you.

Step 3: Sit in a quiet place with no distraction and gaze at the glass filled up with water. While gazing, imagine or think/ponder about the existing problem/situation which you want to change. Honestly feel what that particular situation makes you feel like – distressed, sad, frustrated, sorrowful or so. Keep gazing the glass like you are transferring those feelings into it!

Step 4: Once done, transfer the water into the empty glass. While transforming the water, you have to imagine/feel the changed situation or the desired scenario in which you are happy or satisfied. You need to accept and feel like the situation has been changed as you wanted.

Step 5: Drink that water with a strong feeling that you have successfully changed the situation.

Tips: Do not doubt the technique and keep feeling that situation has been certainly changed as you wanted. Repeat the process in case of exceptional wish or situation. Experience the magic!

The purposes for which this manifestation technique works:
  • Feeling or retrieving the confidence
  • Convincing someone
  • Coming out of a distressful situation
  • Making a deal
  • Getting desired proposals
  • Getting a desired job
  • Getting the love back
  • Overcoming exam tensions
  • Overcoming anxiety
  • Healing a disease or wound
  • Feeling beautiful

And many others…..