Secrets of people born on 2, 11, 20 & 29 of any Month

Secrets of people born on 2, 11, 20 & 29 of any Month

People born on 2, 11, 20 & 29 are number 2 people and ruled by planet Moon.

To understand number 2 people, it is important to understand the planet Moon and its role in our solar system and lives.

If the sun is the king, then the moon is the queen planet. A queen is emotional, gentle, calm, beautiful, motherly, and feminine. All these qualities are present in people come under the category of number 2.

  • Moody is the prominent trait of number 2 people; just like moon waxes and wanes, so the mood of these people.
  • The moon gives beauty; hence, such folks usually appear handsome.
  • The planet moon is feminine; thus, it infuses feminine traits in its people.
  • They are motherly also and take care of others, just like a mother does.
  • Being motherly, they are best suited for jobs like nurse, nanny, and caretaker, etc.
  • They are fine cooks, and their cooking often garners compliments.
  • These people are very much emotional and could cry within seconds – sometimes, they are like kids, even a small taunt could hurt them badly.
  • Being rather emotional, they are easily & emotionally attached to people and things.
  • They find it difficult to leave people and old things.
  • Sometimes people and family members find it difficult to handle such an emotional or sensitive attitude of number 2 folks.
  • They usually share a good relationship with their parents, especially their mother.
  • Planet moon makes them rather intuitive due to which an exceptional intuitive power can be seen in number 2 folks. Blessed with the intuition, they can do well in the occult field.

Rest of the qualities depend upon the Conductor Number and Name Number which must be synced with the date of birth.

However, to develop these qualities, it is not vital to have driver number 2; you can develop these qualities by adopting number 2 in any other form such as your Name Number, Mobile Number, Car Number or so.

If number 2 appears in your date of birth in any manner, then you will also have some qualities of number 2 and planet moon. If you are unable to receive the qualities & benefits of number 2, then check if your name is compatible with your date of birth or not.

Important: Choose number 2 carefully if you prominently belong to number 4, 7, & 9.

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