Secrets of people born on 7, 16, & 25 of any Month

Secrets of people born on 7, 16, & 25 of any Month

People born on 7, 16, &25 are number 7 people and ruled by the planet Ketu.

To understand number 7 people, it is important to understand the planet Ketu and its role in our lives.

If Rahu is the head part, then Ketu is the remaining body which has no head. Opposed to the materialistic and daring Rahu, Ketu is a spiritual and calm planet. It has nothing to do with materialism; rather, it finds pleasure in spiritual pursuits and practices. Ketu pushes one towards salvation (Moksha). Some of the traits of Ketu resemble with planet Jupiter.

  • Most of the spiritual leaders, preachers, Gurus and Astrologers born with the vibration of number 7.
  • They are blessed with higher intuition and could make good astrologers and writers.
  • Directly or indirectly, these people are associated with the spiritual activity of some sort.
  • They do not believe in religion but spiritualism.
  • No matter what they do in young age, their later years of life are spent in spiritual pursuits or practices.
  • They like to sit alone in the world of their thoughts.
  • They are aloof sort of people who are always lost in own world and are disconnected from the world.
  • Due to their preference for isolation, they are often misunderstood in public.
  • To others, they appear as mysterious and secretive people who don’t open up easily.
  • It is hard to know what is going on in their mind.
  • Being less materialistic and considering spiritualism the higher goal, they don’t earn well; hence, face financial instability.
  • The domestic life of such aloof people is not generally satisfactory, and an element of dissatisfaction always remains in their lives.

Rest of the qualities depend upon the Conductor Number and Name Number which must be synced with the date of birth.

However, to develop these qualities, it is not vital to have driver number 7; you can develop these qualities by adopting number 7 in any other form such as your Name Number, Car Number, Mobile Number, or so.

If number 7 appears in your date of birth in any manner, then you will also have some qualities of number 7 and the planet Ketu. If you are unable to receive the qualities & benefits of number 7, then check if your name is compatible with your date of birth or not.

Important: Choose number 7 carefully if you prominently belong to number 2, 8, & 9.

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