Secrets of people born on 8, 17, & 26 of any Month

Secrets of people born on 8, 17, & 26 of any Month

People born on 8, 17, &26 are number 8 people and ruled by the planet Saturn.

To understand number 8 people, it is important to understand the planet Saturn and its role in our lives.

Like Rahu, Saturn is also misunderstood as a malefic planet. Saturn is the son of planet Sun but is against his father. The aim of Saturn is to teach one the Dharma, not cheating others, doing physical hard work, and performing good Karmas. In Astrology, Saturn is the judge planet which gets results as per good and bad Karmas. It punishes one to teach the appropriate lesson, once learnt, it provides with good results.

  • The most honest, hardworking & disciplined people belong to number 8.
  • They are very intelligent, logical, and methodical.
  • They tend to find logic in almost everything and refuse illogical things.
  • A habit of telling percentage in everything or would say presenting everything methodically can be seen in number 8 people.
  • They are good judges and love to serve justice.
  • Being quite logical and methodical, they could become good developers, administrators, and politicians.
  • They can be emotionally cold or unable to show their emotions well.
  • They like to stay alone than in a company.
  • Sometimes they face unwanted situations in life which they are capable of coping with.
  • When indulged in work, it is unwise to disturb these people.
  • To succeed in life, number 8 people are required to put extra efforts than others.
  • If rightly use the qualities of Saturn and vibrations of number 8, these people could make successful businessmen, financially stable or unbeatable politicians.

Rest of the qualities depend upon the Conductor Number and Name Number which must be synced with the date of birth.

However, to develop these qualities, it is not vital to have driver number 8; you can develop these qualities by adopting number 8 in any other form.

If number 8 appears in your date of birth in any manner, then you will also have some qualities of number 8 and the planet Saturn. If you are unable to receive the qualities & benefits of number 8, then check if your name is compatible with your date of birth or not.

Important: Choose number 8 carefully if you prominently belong to number 1, 4, & 9.

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