Simple remedies to get back the lost confidence!

Confidence is a big asset itself! People who lack confidence can better understand the value of this possession. Many circumstances, public fears, past experiences, shyness, or so may suppress your confidence without which you may face failures in life despite being talented. You can say that confidence is the salt to efforts!
But don’t worry!
Confidence is easy to retrieve.
Aside from the worldly reasons, you can also lose confidence due to some astrological reasons. Let’s find out!
Planet Sun is the source/giver of confidence in one. The person having a weak Sun in the horoscope may lose self-confidence. To become confident, you have to get the planet Sun by your side!
Here you go with some simple remedies which may help you develop/retrieve the lost confidence in life and make you shine like the Sun.
Remedies to be confident:

  • Offer water to the Sun daily in a copper vessel by chanting Surya Mantra “Om Shree Surya Devyaye Namaha”!
  • Increase the use of red & orange colour, whether in dresses, jewellery, handkerchief or so.
  • Ladies/girls may boost the confidence by putting red or pink lipstick.
  • Stand before the mirror and chant “I am confident” 108 times daily or at least for 41 days.
  • Apply red Tilak on the forehead.
  • Tie a red thread (Mauli) on your wrist.
  • Start living or spending more time in the East direction of the house or office.
  • Worshipping Lord Shiva also exalts one’s Sun, which gets confidence.
  • Read Hanuman Chalisa daily to boost up the confidence.
  • Keep a red Swastik in the East direction.
  • You can also observe fast on Sunday.
  • Draw the Sun Yantra on a white paper with red ink and keep it with you.

Sun Yantra

All The Best!….. 😊

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