Tips to add stability in life, career, business & relationships!

Tips to add stability in life, career, business & relationships!

Stability issue! A communal issue you may face in life.
Many people rise & fall in life again &again. It may happen in the job, business, relationships, statements, financial position, proposal, or so. Such instability makes people start everything from a scratch which is quite disappointing, discouraging and almost frustrating.
To remove instability from life, you need to catch the root of it!

Why does this happen?
This happens because of the imbalanced South-west corner of the house. As per Vastu Purusha Mandala, Vastu Purusha’s feet are towards the South-west corner which denotes“stability”. The element of South-west corner is the Earth which is again a significant factor of stability. Any imbalance in this corner brings instability in life.

When South-west corner is imbalanced?

Here are some possible reasons due to which your South-west corner may be disturbed:

  • If the South-west is open to the road.
  • If any water-related activity is there.
  • If a washroom is there.
  • If the kitchen is there.
  • If dustbin, sewage or storeroom is there.
  • If you throw the waste randomly on the ground.
  • If any nails are wrongly placed on the wall in the South-west.

How to balance the South-west corner?

Here are some simple tips to add stability in life by balancing the south-west corner:

  • Block/close the South-west corner so the Paranic energy can be retained.
  • Keep Earthy pots in the South-west.
  • Hang a village scene image or painting on the South-west wall.
  • If possible, add the sound of Gayatari Mantra in South-west corner. Many devices are available in the market with Mantra sounds; you can simply add one in this corner.
  • Try to use square-shaped items in this corner.
  • Use brown colour there.
  • Strengthen your Earth element.

Adopting possible remedies out of the given ones would balance the South-west corner and add stability in life. Remember, the remedies would start showing results after 90 days.

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