What to do if you got an unlucky date of birth?

What to do if you got an unlucky date of birth?

Every birth date has some certain characteristics (positive & negative). Humans keep receiving the effects associated with their date of birth until the end of life. If the date of birth is lucky, then it is a lottery, but if the date of birth is unlucky, then one faces disappointments due to the struggles and downfalls.

Unfortunately, the date of birth cannot be changed!

But, one can certainly lessen the ill effects of date of birth.


Date of birth not alone gives results; it gives you the results along with your name, which must be synchronized with the date of birth for positive results, luck, success, and wealth, etc. Date of birth cannot be changed, but the name can certainly be changed. The results of the date of birth can be amended by syncing name with the date of birth.

What is name synchronization?

Name synchronization or name change is a technique of numerology in which minor changes are made in your name to sync it with the date of birth. The process entails setting your name to a number which is in harmony with your date of birth.

The name synchronization is a proven technique to amend the results being produced by your date of birth. It is like a tonic/treatment for a weak or unlucky date of birth. Just a minor change in your name could change the entire scene and could give your luck a required push.